United Building & Energy Services is a multi-service company providing Building & Equipment Audits, Energy Management along with Air and Water Testing and Balancing that has been in business for almost 30 years. United is one of the few truly independent test and balance firms. We are certified nationally by the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), National Energy Management Institute (NEMI), Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau (TABB), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM), ACG Commissioning Agent (CxA), LEED AP, certified as a Level III Thermographer by the Infrared Training Center (ITC) and certified by the Nuclear Industry.

Our goal is to make quality and customer satisfaction our priority which has made United Building & Energy Services the pinnacle of the Testing and Balance Services industry.  Employing this ideal has led us to be specified by the Nuclear Utilities Management, Professional Engineers, Architects, Building Owners and Engineers.

United has developed and has a patented process for Mechanical and HVAC system functionality and heat transfer identification and an optimization process that identifies equipment efficiency within 1% probability of error.  This process combines the principles of physics, thermodynamics, psychrometrics along with the theory of SF-6 tracer gas testing without violating the international spirit of the Kyoto protocol.

We have enclosed a listing of the many substantial projects that we have completed across the world.  These projects include not only nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical laboratories and hospitals but also extensive exposure in the commercial and industrial industries.  We have transformed the working environment of our projects into an energy efficient, healthy and comfortable atmosphere for our clients to work in.