Control Room Set-up and Pressurization
Building Set-up and Pressurization
Laboratory Set-up and Pressurization
Fume Hood Testing & Balancing
Ventilation System Pressurization and Leak Testing with (6) Different Flow Calibrated Orifices
Hydrostatic System Pressurization and Leak Testing
Stairwell Pressurization
Under Floor Plenum Testing
Electronic Controls Troubleshooting & Repair using Fluke Process Meters
Pneumatic Controls Troubleshooting & Repair
Filter Integrity Testing (D.O.P./P.A.O.)
Infrared/Thermography Building Analysis
Sound Analysis
Lighting Analysis
Standard Indoor Air Quality Surveys
Dynamic Vibration Analysis & Balancing using FFT Technology
NDT – XRAY (Wired and Wireless)
NDT – Metal Pipe Thickness Integrity Testing
Blower Door Performance Testing
Motor Conditioning & Monitoring using 3-Phase Cat 3 Equipment Including Megger Testing
Motor & Fan Efficiency Quality and Performance Testing
Fluke 435 Power Quality and Energy Meter Power Quality & Consumption Recording
Concrete Scanning with Ground Penetrating Radar
EDM Testing – Onsite Oscilliscope Motor Bearing Damage Analysis
Motor Installation of Aegis Rings
Specialty Metal Lathe & Milling for Repair of Mechanical Equipment
DX Refrigerant Flow Testing
Underground Geothermal, Steam, Condenser, Chilled, Hot or Potable Water Leak Detection
Btu Meter Devices Calibration and Validation
Water Flow Devices Calibration and Validation
Airflow and Flow Station Devices Calibration and Validation