Audit Master Pro Cloud Computing Platform

United Building and Energy Services has developed an HVAC energy optimization process and cloud computing platform, which has never been available before in the energy industry.

United has created a cloud-based, energy auditing HVAC system performance and automatic cloud computing platform report generation program called "Audit Master Pro". Lowering a building's Carbon Footprint now becomes easy. Audit Master Pro is designed to identify building HVAC equipment heat transfer efficiency, performance and fluid flows, in either Inch Pound (IP) or Metric (SI) reporting, while also providing the prescriptive means to optimize these systems to their maximum potential.

Optimizing HVAC equipment is a cost-effective and logical way to reduce energy consumption. By simply replacing an existing unit with a newer system, research indicates that you typically still find a minimum deficiency of 20% up to 70%. Audit Master Pro optimizes both existing and new equipment in the most cost efficient manner.

Audit Master Pro cloud computing platform, with its advanced architecture, allows data to be professionally collected using proprietary patented technologies and methodologies. Data is obtained in the field under actual loads, conditions and operations and the platform then delivers this data to the cloud-computing servers. Data is then analyzed and a comprehensive report is immediately downloaded to all recipients listed via e-mail. Downloading and retrieving of the summary report findings is completed and delivered within minutes of project completion.

The knowledge base required to perform the energy audits and operate the cloud computing platform provided does not require an energy auditing background. Ideally, the person trained needs only a basic understanding of how HVAC systems function. Building owners are now able to immediately realize and quantify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and their utility savings.

Energy auditors are trained and certified in a classroom and laboratory prior to performing any field auditing. Once classroom curriculum is completed and the technician passes the required exam they earn the certification of Professional Energy Manager. The training, testing and certification are related to patented heat transfer methodologies and technologies that provide comprehensive reporting pertaining to system heat transfer and performance. It is specifically broken down in terms of utility costs in dollars and what a prescriptive ECM will cost along with the calculated savings. The reporting is in terms of BTU/H, kWh's, total system CFM, GPM, coil performance, etc. Final and most important is the reporting identifies all accounting information desired in the many different formats typically used such as, Simple Payback, Simple Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR), Minimum Attractive Rate of Return (MARR), Simple Rate Of Return % (ROI %) and 5 Year Cash Flow Dollars to name a few.

Audit Master Pro utilizes patented energy auditing formulas, technologies, principals and testing procedures. Our patented process was developed after extensive research as reported in our numerous white papers. Our patented processes and technologies utilize advanced tracer gas principals and procedures, psychrometrics, thermodynamics, thermography, along with advanced test and balance principals in combination with HVAC service and testing.

Our program and training is a stand-alone product, reporting precise and instantaneous HVAC energy transfer and performance while validating your current energy usage along with the cost to perform any prescribed ECM.

Audit Master proactively affects Scopes 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This directly reduces carbon offsets required through Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) which substantially reduces a Building's Carbon Footprint.