Schaumburg IL Certified Energy Management Analysis

United Building & Energy Services has created a LEED and ASHRAE compliant, patented process that identifies the continuous waste and inefficient transfer of mechanical energy in buildings in Schaumburg.
Our process specifically measures actual field HVAC energy efficiency in Schaumburg by using a fuel and Btu heat transfer performance value to each individual mechanical system component with less than a 1% probability of error.

United has been able to find the energy lost by converting energy into BTU’s (British Thermal Units), find the net loss of heat transfer and identify the root cause for this loss.  We primarily notice air blending, coil fouling, improper balancing of the mechanical systems or wall degradation and leakage to be the issues.

United has the ability to not only identify the reason for the absence of energy transferred which becomes wasted energy, but we also determine the remedy for the situation and convert the wasted energy into net usable energy that then becomes transferred correctly. This ultimately reduces the energy needs of Schaumburg HVAC systems portion 15-45% respectively.  In some cases we have found energy losses of up to 70% and recovered the full quantity of energy wasted.

The needed energy conservation measures (ECM’s) are identified to restore the current Schaumburg HVAC system to design criteria, providing building owners, architects and engineers with the needed data to meet current ASHRAE, LEED and IAQ requirements.

Commissioning of a HVAC system in Schaumburg does not check actual performance of heat transfer, while United’s patented process far exceeds commissioning and finds the actual performance and educates the customer on how to optimize their equipment from the beginning.

United’s process is the prescriptive solution for meeting Schaumburg High Performance Building standards and Net-Zero energy goals while reducing carbon emissions.

Coming soon……………..Opportunities to license our patented Schaumburg HVAC energy optimization process!