Skokie IL Certified Air & Water Balancing

In order to meet code compliance, all Skokie building HVAC systems must undergo balancing services to ensure proper operation and performance.  United Building & Energy Services utilizes the most current and non-intrusive test equipment available.


United is an independent, certified Skokie HVAC test and balance company with no affiliation with mechanical installing contractors, engineering firms or equipment manufacturers.  Our purpose is to provide clients with unbiased, accurate and repeatable test and balance data without conflict of interest.


Although it is sometimes difficult to describe, integrity is easy to recognize.  Our customers have confidence knowing that we maintain the highest quality standards and deliver total Skokie system balancing services with a focus on professionalism, quality, and value.

Technical Expertise

Our AABC certified test and balance engineers (TBE) and certified technicians near Skokie undergo the most rigorous test and balance certification programs in the Skokie HVAC industry.  Our knowledge and commitment to teamwork is our clients’ advantage as we work to stop potential problems and finish projects in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.

Performance Guaranty

Every project conducted by United Building & Energy Services near Skokie is guaranteed via our affiliation with the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC).  As the world’s leading association of independent test and balance agencies, the AABC only certifies those Skokie test and balance companies that meet the most stringent standards.