Time-Stepped Enthalpy Method to Quantify HVAC Airflow Volume

AIRAH Achieving the Green Dream Conference, Sydney

This white paper explains the processes used to identify and quantify heat transfer, system performance as compared to the older methods and technologies used when attempting to perform like services. The drawbacks and errors are explained when using older technologies and compares the difference that the time-stepped enthalpy method results provide.

This paper also targets how the time-stepped enthalpy methods accuracy and ease of use can be implemented when performing Commissioning and Retro Commissioning field services.  The time-stepped enthalpy method has become the benchmark in terms of accuracy and system performance results when applied to HVAC energy audits. The time-stepped enthalpy method provides  prescriptive measures and specific component performance factors which has never been available before and providing the means to do so for those not familiar with performing in-depth HVAC system audits.

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